Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wedding Card For a Friend

I am going to a wedding for a friend and spent all morning trying to create the perfect card for her. I used the colors she is using for her wedding (Mellow Moss and Chocolate Chip). I like the way it turned out. I love the floral background and the pretty Prima flowers. Very elegant and romantic.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From a Cow

Wake up in a happy mooo-d.
Don't cry over spilled milk.
When chewing your cud, remember: There's no fat, no calories, no cholesterol, and no taste!
The grass is green on the other side of the fence.
Turn the udder cheek and mooo-ve on.
Seize every opportunity and milk it for all its worth!
It's better to be seen and not herd.
Honor thy fodder and thy mother and all your udder relatives.
Never take any bull from anybody.
Always let them know who's the bossy.
Stepping on cowpies brings good luck.
Black and white is always an appropriate fashion statement.
Don't forget to cow-nt your blessings every day.

We posted this on our intranet at work the other week. I thought it was great. Some great advice. Who knew cows were so smart.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Introducing myself and my hobby.

Me and my niece. We are "stampin' buds"! She loves to come visit and go to church with me. I am so grateful that she has an interest in learning about God. She also loves doing crafts with me. Especially stamping. We have a ton of fun stamping. She is so creative and artistic for her age.

When she comes over to stamp she always tells me I have too much stuff. She says my stamp studio looks like a store. Ever since I can remember I played with paper. I collected rubber stamps since I was a kid. I love stamping; it is a great stress reliever. My stamp studio is my favorite place to hang out.